• Innovative Design

    FabricPotsTM consist of a fabric sleeve attached to a rigid base. When filled with soil, the shape of the fabric sleeve creates a stable container.

    FabricPot’sTM wide base is more stable than most containers and provides more soil volume where the roots are - at the bottom of the pot.

    Unlike other containers, the FabricPot’sTM elevated base sits above the drain pan water line, preventing harmful soluble salts from being reabsorbed into the soil.

    Some FabricPotsTM have a zipper that allows the pot to expand, making it easy to extract the root ball for repotting.

    FabricPotsTM are collapsible and lightweight (reducing energy and space needed per unit for shipping), and incorporate eco-friendly material options (the sleeves are available in 100% recycled polyester and the bases are recyclable plastic).

  • Why Fabric?

    Proper aeration of the soil is essential for healthy plants and their roots. FabricPotsTM use breathable high-tech fabric (much like that used in outdoor clothing) that allows air and water vapor to penetrate but is impervious to liquid water.

    The fabric sleeves of FabricPotsTM come in various colors and patterns to satisfy your decorative needs.

    In a FabricPotTM, plants won’t dry out too fast (like clay) or too slow (like plastic and glazed ceramic, which don’t breathe).

    The sleeve is washable, and can be easily removed from the dishwasher-safe base.

    FabricPotsTM won’t break or crack due to freezing temperatures or impact.

    Unlike clay, FabricPotsTM do not accumulate soluble salts, preventing potential root damage.